1. Policies - Management

    In this information age, privacy holds utmost importance for internet users, and rightfully so; because of the many privacy risks lurking on the internet, it’s very important to stay vigilant and care about your privacy. As far as privacy on websites is concerned, the number one concern of most users is what information is getting collected and whether or not it is being shared with any third-parties. This page will give you a clear idea of what we, at COMPUSOL, collect from you; the users, and if we share it with anyone. This is the privacy policy of COMPUSOL, and when you use our websites then that automatically means that you’re complying with the terms mentioned in this policy, so you should carefully observe this policy to know what information our website will collect from you, and how we are safeguarding your information. It is the duty of the user of a website to read and understand the privacy policy of a given website, prior to using it or giving any information in the form of emails etc. What kind of Information are we collecting? The number one concern, as stated above, of the users, is what exactly is the type of information a website is collecting. When you’re using COMPUSOL or placing your order at our website, we have to collect some information out of necessity, here are some things we collect from our users. Your Full Name Your E-mail Address Your Phone Number Your Country, City, State Your Physical Address These are a few things that we usually collect from our users; under normal circumstances. Now, that you know what information we are collecting from you, it’s also important for you to understand why we need this information.